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Research groups

Research groups

International team of over 150 Researchers and Research Assistants form the department of Electronics and Nanoengineering. The researchers explore the fields of Electromagnetics, Electronic Circuit Design, Micro and Nanotechnology, Microelectronics, Radio Science and Engineering, Space Science and Technology.

Research approach ranges from both industrial and scientific perspectives. See our research infrastructures here.

The Department is part of the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering (Aalto ELEC).

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Associate Professor Katsuyuki Haneda.jpg

Antennas and propagation

Prof. Katsuyuki Haneda

Associate Professor Ville Viikari.jpg

Antennas and wireless sensors

Prof. Ville Viikari

Professor Sergei Tretyakov.jpg

Artificial Materials

Prof. Sergei Tretyakov

Professor Keijo Nikoskinen.jpg


Prof. Keijo Nikoskinen

Professor Ari Sihvola.jpg


Prof. Ari Sihvola


Professor Kari Halonen.jpg

Electronic Circuit Design

Prof. Kari Halonen


Professor Jussi Ryynänen

Electronic Circuit Design

Prof. Jussi Ryynänen

Associate Professor Hele Savin.jpg

Electron Physics

Prof. Hele Savin

Konstantin Simovski.jpg


Prof. Konstantin Simovski

Professor Ilkka Tittonen.jpg

Micro and Quantum Systems

Prof. Ilkka Tittonen

Professor Antti Räisänen.jpg

Millimetre Wave and THz Techniques

Prof. Antti Räisänen

Professor Harri Lipsanen.jpg

Nanoscience and Advanced Materials

Prof. Harri Lipsanen

Sopanen Markku.jpg


Prof. Markku Sopanen

Associate Professor Zhipei Sun.jpg


Prof. Zhipei Sun

Associate Professor Anne Lähteenmäki.jpg

Radio Astronomy

Prof. Anne Lähteenmäki

Associate Professor Esa Kallio.jpg

Space Physics

Prof. Esa Kallio

Eija Tanskanen.jpg

Space Climate

Prof. Eija Tanskanen

Assistant Professor Jaan Praks.jpg

Space Technology

Prof. Jaan Praks

Tuija Pulkkinen.jpg

Space Weather

Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen


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