Aalto's AlumniStudent Weekend is a well-loved tradition

19. marraskuu 2018

The AlumniStudent Weekend seminar brings together Aalto University alumni and current students. To-date, the event has been held around thirty times.


Hey, space!

19. marraskuu 2018

An updated course in radio astronomy allows students to observe far-away galaxies with the help of Finland's only radio telescope used for astronomical research.


Juha-Matti Tilli could not sleep; instead, he had an idea that took him to the vulnerabilities of Linux

31. lokakuu 2018

Juha-Matti Tilli decided to investigate whether a problem related to the topic of his post-graduate studies could be solved better. At the same time, he realised that earlier solutions may have been vulnerable and created a gap in information security.


Quantum physics and technology research receives billion-euro funding from the EU—Aalto University involved in three projects

29. lokakuu 2018

Aalto University research groups will study and develop technology for quantum communication, ultra-sensitive magnetic sensors based on quantum optics, and photon-emitting quantum chips.

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High school students got a taste of the limitless possibilities of technology at Shaking up Tech

25. lokakuu 2018

In the Shaking up Tech event at Aalto University on 11 October 2018, high school students met women who rule the world of technology.


Space professor's research looks twenty-five years into the future

12. lokakuu 2018

Esa Kallio, the man behind upcoming missions to send space probes to Mercury and Jupiter, blends the right mix of childish curiosity and steely determination.

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The first Motivator of the year awards were given at the School of Electrical Engineering

9. lokakuu 2018

The best courses and their teachers were rewarded at dean's coffee on 4.10.2018.

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For Professor Antti Räisänen, sociability is about caring for others

5. lokakuu 2018

Professor Antti Räisänen has completed his long academic career, beginning his retirement on 1 October 2018.

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Hundred per cent of doctors from the School of Electrical Engineering are satisfied with their degree

4. lokakuu 2018

A career monitoring survey examined how doctoral graduates from 2014 were employed.


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University Lecturer Anu Lehtovuori is an expert in academic multitasking

26. syyskuu 2018

Teaching and research are closely intertwined.


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Aalto ELEC joins the art scene – Aalto students created an experience for all senses

24. syyskuu 2018

A light installation Photosynthesis invited visitors to take part in an artwork making us think about our relationship with nature.


The study of electrical engineering brought Texas students to the Finnish heat

17. syyskuu 2018

A group of students from Texas spent a hot month in a wireless communications course at Aalto University.

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At the Aalto in Space exhibition, you can admire nanosatellites, peer into a black hole, listen to Jupiter – and make of virtual reality journey into space

13. syyskuu 2018

The exhibition offers a diverse presentation of space research and technology at Aalto. The opening event is on 21 September – come and join us!

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The long wait is over – Suomi 100 satellite finally on its way to be launched

12. syyskuu 2018

Probable launch date of mid-November for satellite that will make observations of space weather and aurora borealis.

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First truly black solar modules roll off industrial production line

10. syyskuu 2018

Joint European R&D team shows that black silicon with reflectance below 1% is ready for industrial solar panel production.

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Aalto’s team the only first-timers in World Challenge 2018 finals

7. syyskuu 2018

What happens when, by chance, two students from different fields sit side by side in the Otakaari 1 learning space?

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Wristband developed in Protocamp course may prevent cot death by monitoring a child's vital functions

5. syyskuu 2018

The students were able to carry out assignments for companies in the summer course.

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Special prize to the Aalto KitSat training satellite in The World Challenge Finland 2018 Competition

31. elokuu 2018

Global service for preventing wildfires won the main prize at the UN's international innovation contest in Espoo.

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Satellite data help reveal the loss of tropical rainforests

22. elokuu 2018

A recent study piloted a new monitoring method that could help in detecting illegal deforestation and estimating CO2 emissions caused by forest loss.

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A summer job at the University is independent and flexible, but requires a lot of initiative

20. elokuu 2018

The School of Electrical Engineering annually hires tens of students for a range of summer jobs.


Academy of Finland granting funding for a joint research project of Aalto University and Finnish Geospatial Research Institute

2. heinäkuu 2018

VLBI measurements carried out as part of space geodesy research help to determine Earth’s position.

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Aalto-1 was launched into space a year ago – the Otaniemi ground station is already being prepared for the launch of the next satellites

21. kesäkuu 2018

Aalto-1 has successfully cleared the difficulties it has faced in orbit. The largest amount of research data has been provided by the RADMON radiation monitor carried by the satellite.

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World Challenge 2018 Finals in Finland on August 27th–30th – work for a better world

15. kesäkuu 2018

Innovators are invited to develop apps that improve life on earth by utilizing satellite data.

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Solutions for everyday needs

7. kesäkuu 2018

Interactive hand puppet was created at Electrical Engineering Workshop course through co-operation between art and science.


Software-defined radio, Open Source, custom-made camera – this is the Aalto-3 satellite, the one-litre CubeSat

4. kesäkuu 2018

If everything goes as planned, the nanosatellite being designed and built fully by students could be ready to be launched into space at around Christmas 2019.

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